Werewolf the Party Game

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Werewolves are terrorizing your village. You must find them and eliminate them as soon as possible. Each day you, the Villagers, will hold a town meeting to vote for a suspected Werewolf to eliminate. Get it right and you might survive. Get it wrong, and you’re in danger because every night the Werewolves come out to feed on another sleeping Villager...
There are two teams; Werewolves and Villagers and the game is divided into two phases; night and day. The Villagers win if they eliminate all the Werewolves and the Werewolves win if they equal or outnumber the Villagers. You can substitute Villager and Werewolf cards with optional role cards. The optional roles add more depth and excitement to the game.
42 role cards, 18 unique roles.
You'll never play the same game twice!
7+ players
Ages 13+
10-30 minutes play time
42 character role cards
Instruction manual
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