Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1
Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1
Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1
Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1
Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1

Warlock Grimoire (Fifth Edition) Volume 1

Kobold Press

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Excellent 5E collection of articles that is largely system independent. The monsters even have cool special things that you can readily be adapted to other games. Nice gateway while you ween off wotc. Not gonna lie, there is an article about the 10 Magnificent Sultans of the Mharoti Empire which is the ficticious history that I don't find particularly usable in games I run. Maybe instead of it being chronological it's really ten sultans all vying for influence. Then all that character history and background could be neat. OR maybe if you're doing a time travel adventure. Enough from the peanut gallery.

One last thing 300 page hardcover for $25 super deal.

Unlock a Shadowy Archive!

Within these dusty pages, uncover the secrets of the world—indeed, of the branches of the multiverse! Collected here are entire lost volumes of esoteric truths. Only for you, the Warlock Grimoire.
Dark revelations and wondrous testimonials of dark fantasy monsters and magic, locales and lore of Midgard:

  • The very literal underbelly of the Crossroads city of Zobeck
  • Miraculous and horrific details of the dead returned to life
  • Oddities and revels that could come only from the courts of those twisted fey
  • A shadow economy of crime thriving throughout the trade cities and merchant quarter
  • Tentacled legacies of the dark gods, from the unwholesome jungles to ghoul-haunted hillsides
  • Terrible truths on the ongoing practices of dread magicks
  • Vivid accounts of magical disasters, badlands, and ruins
  • Looming terror and majestic insights of the expansive Dragon Empire
  • Visions of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, leading toward all points of the multiverse
  • Even a tantalizing glimpse of the fabled City of Brass
  • Plus 6 subclasses, 13 statted NPCs, 28 spells, 44 magic items, 44 monsters, and more!

The 300-page Warlock Grimoire presents the content from the first 10 issues of Warlock and includes an entire issue’s worth of new, never-before-seen lore and game elements, detailing life in the Ironcrags, recent events along the west coast of the Wasted West, the dedication and intensity of Perunalian archers, and the holy drive of the paladins of the Sun God.

Uncover the truths of dark fantasy for the Midgard campaign setting or for the worlds of your own creation!