The Emerald Enchanter: Dungeon Crawl Classics #69

The Emerald Enchanter: Dungeon Crawl Classics #69

Goodman Games

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A Level 2 Adventure for DCC RPG

Villagers have gone missing! A mix of clues, superstitions, and omens point to the brooding citadel of the emerald sorcerer. This silent monolith has sat undisturbed atop a windy ridge for centuries. Legends say that a green-skinned sorcerer dwells there, where he conducts strange experiments and builds enigmatic machinery. His green-skinned constructs patrol the grounds of his citadel, and he is seen only rarely when he ventures out on nefarious errands that end in horrid screams and strange lights coming from his citadel. Now it is time to penetrate his inner sanctum…

Rules Set: DCC RPG
Writer: Joseph Goodman
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs

GMG5068 Third Printing