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The Undercroft #8: Something Stinks in Stilton Melsonian Arts Council Zine

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The Undercroft #8 from Melsonian Arts Council is a stand alone adventure for your favorite OSR RPG. Something Stinks in Stilton is an investigative adventure and it excels at guiding the player characters forward without removing any sense of agency. There are many little moving parts and characters for the players to interact with, each gently adding more depth to the mystery.

In the 13th century, Stilton produced amazing cheese. Then the Church came and suddenly the cheese trade died out. Now it’s 1730 and the village of Stilton has started producing great cheese again.

You intend to find out why.

An adventure into darkest Cambridgeshire, for levels 1-3. Compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and most other old fashioned Dungeons & Dragons clones. Issue #8 of The Undercroft, written and illustrated by Oli Palmer, with a cover by the inimitable Anxious P