The Undercroft #7 - Melsonian Arts Council Zine

The Undercroft #7 - Melsonian Arts Council Zine

Melsonian Arts Council

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Maybe my favorite Undercroft, Evey's Omnicorn is one of the best monsters ever created. All Undercroft, and that which originates in Melsonia is recommended, but this issue is most recommended.

24 page paperback zine

The Undercroft is England’s oldest and most prestigious RPG periodical, with a history stretching back to 1917. Today – reinvigorated for a new century – the 'zine’s essence remains unchanged: it is a home for the best art and writing, an indispensable feature on the British literary landscape.

Issue #7 of the quarterly zine "The Undercroft". Compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and most old-school RPGs.


The Omnicorn

A beast of obsessive anarchy

The tunnels between places and the worm within

Decoherence Wight
The tragic consequences of belligerence

Orcoidism & Subhumanity
A dissertation on the beast of our loins

Old Sigvor
An old witch and a tree