The House of the Red Doors - Deluxe Limited Edition - Troika! Version

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Digest Sized

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Two player adventure, one player and one games master.

Generations ago the House of the Red Doors visited your village. Now, so many years hence, could it be passing this way again? As the story goes its mistress, Jassafae, still untouched by time’s ravages, is a powerful being of unknown origin. Through her fates are altered and wishes granted, but only to those brave enough to cross her threshold. You toil ceaselessly and suffer much and to what end? Unrequited dreams and the hope of an early grave? You resolve to enter and change your destiny.

The House of the Red Doors is a challenging adventure for one player and one games master. Three rounds of puzzles with seven different endings await the brave souls that enter the moveable mansion’s thresholds. A dreamland-like setting allows for ease of use in any genre.

Written by: James A. Pozenel, Jr.
Stefan Poag
Robert Cameron
Doug Kovacs
Del Teigeler

2020 Horse Shark Games