Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #2 - Numbered Riso Version

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #2 - Numbered Riso Version

Blind Visionary Publications

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Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is perhaps the finest general fantasy fanzine for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Think along the lines of Crawl! but more packed in per issue. A comparison to Crawl! is extremely high praise if you aren't hip to it. 

64 Page digest sized zine with cover stock almost identical to the early 70s era supplements for Original Dungeons & Dragons (Eldritch Wizardry; Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes; Swords & Spells), heavy paper interior meant to last for a long time; hand numbered. Also includes a Shoggoth Familiar bookmark with 5 mil lamination. That is thick!

These things smell good too, like actually printed thing.

Contents include:

  •  King of Beasts as Patron—Bonding with the wild side gives you distinct advantages!
  •  Dwarven Jäger—A subclass of dwarf with a very useful skillset.
  •  Ritual Magic, Part II—A close-up look at several rituals aimed at those of religious bent. Want to know why unholy creatures burst into flames when they cross the threshold into holy ground—this will tell you, along with other mysteries.
  •  Culpepper’s Herbal—More herbs for your game. We continue building out an herbal catalog that all adventurers can take advantage of, even in the darkest of times.
  •  The Shoggoth—A classic monster from deep in our adventuring subconscious finally flexes its full muscles! Also includes a Find Familiar spell for Cthulhu cultists to gain Shoggoth familiars!
  •  Wyrm Words—A wordsearch puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in the second issue—this way, a definition is never in doubt!
  •  Onward Retainer—Starring the Legion—The second installment of an adventuring comic in the old school style