Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Reference Booklet

Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Reference Booklet

Necrotic Gnome

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I love this cover, I thought it was awesome when it was just a page in the Classic Fantasy Rules Tome. Rachel Quinlan does really great stuff that captures a feeling of wonder I am prone to chase.

Aside from the art, these reference books (DCC also has one that is great) do wonders for improving play. Like a little thing that's like "who cares I can look it up in the book, why do I need another thing" and then you remember your one dude that stoned stupid every time and they can hardly find the thing they looking for in this little booklet, you think they'll find it in the big book? How many stoned idiots do you play with? Buy that number of books. 

You ever have someone old man, like a boss or something be like "You stoned or stupid?" I always proudly answer, "Both... man...."

Quick reference for Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy, compiling the most important tables, rules, and procedures into a convenient 32-page booklet:

  • Game procedures: Summaries of the core rules of the game, including the procedures for dungeon, wilderness, and waterborne adventuring, and combat.
  • Monsters: Complete dungeon encounter tables and monsters listed by Hit Dice.
  • Player characters: All tables pertaining to PCs, including ability score modifiers, saving throws, class skills, spell progression, and native languages.
  • Downtime and equipment: Common PC activities between adventures, plus full equipment lists, including mounts, dogs, and vehicles.