Of Grub & Grain
Of Grub & Grain

Of Grub & Grain

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OF GRUB & GRAIN is a short, system-agnostic, tabletop minigame for your adventure rpg about the crafting and cooking of food, fodder and fare.

Grub is a tabletop roleplaying minigame, which is to say, it is meant to be played alongside your favorite ttrpg campaign, to help break the rules monotony of long-term play and add a dash of depth and fun to the more interstitial moments of a larger system. It contains mechanics for a party of players to gather ingredients, make recipes, select accompaniments and try to craft a delicious meal in harmony! Whether your group is stuck at camp, with scarce resources available, or preparing to feed a family of nobles at a grand feast, Grub is meant to be adaptable to all sizes and complexities of meal.


3-6 players  - Grub is GMless, if you are playing a system with a GM, they join in or sit out. 

Polyhedral dice sets (or digital dice roller), ideally one set per player, but they could be shared. 

pen/pencil + paper

30-60 minutes

Of Grub & Grain includes 10 recipe cards that can be printed out and filled in! 

24 pages color saddle-stitched, 5 double sided recipe cards