Mystic Punks: Collected Edition

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Mystic Punks #1 was one of the things we had when we opened. Really stoked to now have this collected volume available.
Solo roleplaying for burnouts and freaks.

Dank Communer is one of the best things.

The way this collected edition improves readability while maintaining the zine's aesthetic is great.

Students have gone missing at Star Valley High School and no one seems to care. You determine that their disappearances are the result of an otherworldly invasion. As a teenage misfit, you’ve only ever used your mystic powers to perform dark rituals, but now those powers are the only thing that can save your classmates and stop a supernatural legion from consuming you and your school. Mystic Punks: Collected Edition contains the four out-of-print roleplaying game zines and a new, final scenario that concludes your adventure!