Mutant Crawl Classics Scratch Off Character Sheets

Mutant Crawl Classics Scratch Off Character Sheets

Goodman Games

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The bleeding edge in role-playing tools has mutated to a new form!

A new way to create zero-level characters for your MCC funnel. The DCC Scratch-Off Character Sheets are a huge hit! So, of course we did some for Mutant Crawl Classics! Instead of rolling up 10 0-levels before the game, you can now save time by using these scratch-off character sheets! Yes, scratch-off, just like the lotto. Each character sheet comes with a scratch-off box for each ability score and other key statistic. Before the game you distribute them to your players. They use a coin to scratch off the appropriate boxes, then you let the mutant mayhem begin!

Each pack comes with 10 randomized scratch-off characters sheets and a set of alternative rules to implement them!

Rules Set: MCC RPG

Character sheet art: Stefan Poag
Character sheet design: Jim Wampler
Zero-level character data set: Jon Marr
Emergent characters alternate rules: Marc Bruner