Judges Guild: Citadel of Fire

Judges Guild: Citadel of Fire

Goodman Games

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In cooperation with judges guild, Goodman games is pleased to present the original Citadel of fire! Published in the same 1E rules set as the original Edition, This scenario is scanned from an original printing, and features new material by Michael Curtis, including a fully authorized, newly-created random table that determines the contents of a Wizard's or alchemist`s Workshop, suitable for use in ransacking the alchemists laboratory (level D, room #3) or the wizards Workshop (level E, room #2). Citadel of fire also includes a second new chapter which provides more detail and game statistics on the eight apprentices of Yrammag which are briefly described within the original adventure.

This is the ancient stronghold of Yrammag with six tower levels and five dungeon levels. It is designed for very advanced characters, and includes encounters with everything from giant rats to a minotaur and a demon. Tables have been provided for the random location and activity of the great Trammag, so that it will be a surprise each time the dungeon is entered by the adventurers. The surrounding wilderness is mapped out according to our Campaign Hexagon System, and Yrammag's spells are listed to provide a complete and detailed dungeon adventure, created and officially approved for use with D&D.

By Marc Summerlott and Bob Bledsaw