Jeremiah (TV Show) Post-Apocalyptic D20 Roleplaying Game
Jeremiah (TV Show) Post-Apocalyptic D20 Roleplaying Game

Jeremiah (TV Show) Post-Apocalyptic D20 Roleplaying Game

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There's rules for trade goods and barter. Not as good as UVG say, but something.

“It's been 15 years since a strange disease wiped out all of the adults and left us kids to fend for ourselves. Now I am moving ahead, through the past.”

From the award-winning pen of J. Michael Straczynski comes Jeremiah, a gritty tale of life and survival in a terrifying post-apocalyptic nightmare. Utilizing the Open Gaming License, this exciting roleplaying game details the characters and rich background from the critically acclaimed television series.

Fifteen years after a mysterious disease called The Big Death wiped out everyone over the age of puberty, a loner named Jeremiah, joined by his cynical friend Kurdy and new mysterious traveler Mister Smith, makes his way among the survivors, warring rival social factions of young people who must learn to make their own way without the wisdom of those who came before them. Jeremiah works to build a new world of hope from the ashes of the ordinary young man destined to become an extraordinary hero.

The Jeremiah roleplaying game includes all the rules and background information needed to play in this gritty, post-apocalyptic world. Taking advantage of the Open Gaming License from Wizards of the Coast, the rules and mechanics of the Jeremiah Roleplaying Game should be easily recognized by anyone familiar with the most popular roleplaying game in the world.

Designed to allow as much flexibility to explore Straczynski's future world as possible, players will take on the roles of tough and nasty Jocks, brilliant Brainboys or ever-restless Wanderers. Without the comforts and conveniences of civilization, players will adventure through a dangerous world populated by feral children, vicious marauders and enigmatic factions, all vying for the few scraps that are left of the Old World. The main rulebook provides the framework for a complete game including chapters on skills, feats, equipment, combat and character creation. The game includes all new character classes tailored for the world of Jeremiah and includes a complete episode guide covering all three seasons as well as additional material on the world outside of North America.

The Jeremiah roleplaying game is a 256-page, hardcover book.