Inferno Road Plague Edition

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The roars of the betrayed Dark Lords shake the foundations of hell. The Grand Architect of Evil is enraged. Satan shakes his chains and the whole of hell shakes with him.

Doug Kovacs and Wayne Snyder make Mad Max in Hell.

Hell Comes to Frog Town! Like Bobugbabilz DCC Frog Town, not Rowdy Roddy Piper.

The great Inferno Road gets a deluxe Hobonomicon style treatment. Now includes giant poster sized demon spawn spinner and random tables. Oh yeah, and a Stefan Poag poster.

Inferno Road was what I ran for the shops one year anniversary, and when I helped run it at U Con is how I met then co-judge James Ponzenel. Maybe pleasant memories and affection for the creators are coloring my perception of this, but I don't think so. It is fucking awesome. 

Everyone is a grub in Hell on a screaming death machine powered by a nun furnace. Gobble up souls to become the great satanic entity you always were deep down in side.

Like Wesley Willis say, "Put me on a Hell Ride!!!!!"