In the Shadow of Tower Silver Axe: OSE Hexcrawl Adventure Module

In the Shadow of Tower Silver Axe: OSE Hexcrawl Adventure Module

Gelatinous Cubism

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This is a really well done hexcrawl adventure for OSE/B/X. There is a cool cipher puzzle used throughout, plenty of wandering monster tables, rumors, like really solid framework from which to build a campaign. The monsters are all "classic" so nothing weird, but I like that. Like if there is as bugbear encounter, I know I can swap that out for my snake cult brutes or whatever. But if there are a bunch of unusual monsters, if I'm running on the fly, I need to figure out what the hell exactly is a vome. Like now I know but I needed to look!

There could be several reasons to seek adventure in the Gemthrone Wilderness. It is a region that is the subject of speculation on cold nights in the glow of a tavern hearth. Some may talk of the magnificent treasures that have laid untouched for centuries in dark dungeons, just waiting to be pilfered—which is, almost without fail, followed by another who interjects with the dangers of such notions, were such legends even to be believed.

There are, however, those that do believe such tales— grizzled adventurers that know there is always some truth to even the most unbelievable stories. One just has to know what rumors to listen for…

A classic fantasy roleplaying adventure zine for Old School Essentials or other OSR rulesets.

- 60+ page sandbox adventure module
- 5.5" x 8.5" saddle-stitch printing.

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