GM Gems Tools for Every Game Master 2nd Edition Hardcover

GM Gems Tools for Every Game Master 2nd Edition Hardcover

Weird Realms

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Systems-Neutral Tools for Every Game Master

GM Gems: A Tome of Game Master Inspiration is filled with a wealth of information and ideas to empower every aspect of your game. Never run boring, vanilla games and never be caught flat-footed!

Inspiration and Perspiration

This 80-page collection of tricks and tips is systems-neutral, so you can play it with any role playing game you choose. GM Gems is written by veteran Game Masters and some of today’s best known RPG designers, and includes:

  • Alchemical Mishaps
  • Empty Rooms Worth Describing
  • Extraordinary Campsites
  • Familiar Creatures with Unfamiliar Faces
  • Short Encounters for Short Attention Spans
  • Unique Taverns and Inns
  • Unusual Holidays
  • 100 Unique Treasures

And much, much more!

Includes the original 64-page systems-neutral edition and the expanded 80-page second printing that is updated for DCC RPG rules!

Project Manager: Stephen S. Greer
Project Developers: Lou Agresta, Rone Barton,
B. Matthew Conklin III, Ashavan Doyon
Writers: Lou Agresta, Rone Barton, Russell Brown, B. Matthew Conklin III, Elizabeth Courts, Adam Daigle, Ashavan Doyon, Tom Ganz, Stephen S. Greer, David Hall, Stefan Happ, Ed Healy, Tim Hitchcock, Phillip Larwood, John E. Ling, Jr., Hal Maclean, Rob Manning, Greg Oppedisano, Greg Ragland, Craig Shackleton, Patrick Smith
Editor: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Art Director and Graphic Designer: jim pinto
Cover Artist: William O’Connor
Interior Artist: William McAusland
DCC RPG rules conversion: Daniel J. Bishop
Publisher: Joseph Goodman