Forbidden Psalm (Morg Borg Skirmish Game)
Forbidden Psalm (Morg Borg Skirmish Game)

Forbidden Psalm (Morg Borg Skirmish Game)

R.K.D. Designs

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Forbidden Psalm is a tabletop miniatures game, inspired by and compatible with MÖRK BORG.

Forbidden Psalm is a 28mm miniatures agnostic game. You can use any miniatures you already own that fit the bill or build custom minis for this game (with random tables to help you determine how to build them). Solo Play and Coop rules included. All content is also able to be used in the MÖRK BORG ttrpg.

In Forbidden Psalm you will recruit a warband of 5 greedy souls to undertake Vriprix the Mad Wizards’ bidding. But the Mad Wizard hasn’t just bet on you. You will face rivals before you will seen any of his coin. Hunt ravenous monsters and unearth dangerous relics as you search for the Psalm itself....maybe even help the Mad Wizard locate his misplaced socks.

A game of blood. Metal and death. In Forbidden Psalm your warband is disposable. Its members will suffer injuries, flaws and even unleash horrible magic. But for hardened survivors, a wealth of plunder and experience awaits.


11 new monsters

Campaign system,  10 original encounters.  

Random encounter tables to generate your own scenarios 

New weapons

New Treasure table 

New relics

Brand new calamity table for when magic goes bad.

A Mad Wizard


Solo Play and Coop rules

A levelling system - with xp, injuries 

Wagon based combat. 


Forbidden Psalm is an independent production by Kevin Rahman and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.