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Don’t cancel this game. The Grim Portents stuff, even if it is just renaming the Apocalypse World things are really useful for keeping track of whatever is going on in your fantasty adventure game. And Sage LaTorra is a really cool dude, and does an excellent podcast Another Question. I almost called it Ask Me Another which is an absolutely awful NPR quiz show. In fact, Another Question is inversely proprtionate in quality to that godawful show. Its the one with the “cute” song parodies, and then every epsiode they like “ha ha this is so bad, we’re sorry.” Fuck if you know how bad it is, stop doing it. Shit!
Another Question that the good podcast, even if some of his assumptions on play are different than mine, it is thoughtful examinations of the hobby. The co-host Adam Blinksop is good too, he’s coming from a boardgame perspective a lot of the time, which I think is really useful. I feel bad for that dude, like “Oh you’re Adam that does shit with Sage LaTorra, you did Dungeon World right?” ‘No that wasn’t me, just same first name I’m a different guy.’ So like irritating before, right, but now it’s like,” WAIT, you’re Adam that does stuff with Sage?! You’re the guy that goes on and on about consent and then you did what on a live stream!?” (Demurely) ‘No that a different Adam…’ “Yeah right, own up to it asshole!”