Dungeons and Dragons Expert Rulebook by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson

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This is the 1983 edition of the D&D Expert Rulebook, part of the "BECMI edition."

This product does not include X1: "The Isle of Dread".

Product History

The D&D Expert Rules Set (1983), by Frank Mentzer, is the second iteration of the boxed Expert Rules for Basic D&D and the second volume in Mentzer's BECMI rules series. It was published in August 1983 — or perhaps a bit later.

About the Title. Frank Mentzer's Expert Rules were originally published as "Expert Rules Set 2". For their second printing that title was updated to "Set 2: Expert Rules", which definitely makes more sense. Starting with the Companion Rules (1984), all the Frank Mentzer's D&D rules would follow this new format for naming.

About the Cover. Larry Elmore continues to keep dragons front and center on the BECMI covers. To highlight the wilderness focus of the Expert Rules, the new cover features a fighter on horseback battling a dragon out in the middle of nowhere.