Dungeon Crawl Classics #71: The 13th Skull, Silver Foil LE

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A Level 4 Adventure for DCC RPG
This limited-edition silver foil cover features a custom design by DCC RPG cover artist Doug Kovacs! The interior content includes the same great level 4 adventure as featured in DCC #71: The 13th Skull, including the bonus adventure The Balance Blade.
Thirteen generations ago, the ambitious first Duke of Magnussen made a fell pact with an unknown power, who asked for but one thing in return: the thirteenth daughter born to a Magnussen duke. Now, generations hence, the daughter of Duke Magnussen XIII is stolen away by a hooded executioner riding a leathery beast. As it wings back across the city walls to drop behind the Duke’s mountain-top keep, all who watch know it alights in the Magnussen family crypts, where the devilish secrets of thirteen generations have been buried and forgotten – until now…
This adventure module also includes The Balance Blade, a short level 2 adventure in which a wizard’s patron makes a simple request: travel to another plane to retrieve a legendary blade of neutrality. But once the journey is in motion, the wizard finds that not all is as it seems!
Rules Set: DCC RPG
Writer: Joseph Goodman
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs