The Impossible Dream

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Dread is the Jenga game. The one that anything you do, you pull a Jenga block, if you knock the tower down you dead. That sound kinda cool I guess, right?

Holy shit, it makes it super scary. When I played it at a convention it wasn’t in a conference room it was in a hotel room. It was just me and my friend Marty, and two pals we didn't know, one running the game and one playing a character that had an ax to grind with the other characters. We started off using a Ouija board made on a cardboard box with magic marker, which is actually kinda scary.

So we doing the adventure, we’re teenagers partying in Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, and we’re pulling pieces, all pretty easy. Making small talk and the two people I thought they were strangers are like, still talking in quiet scary voice “Oh, we’ve played together before.” Oh, cool. But it is kinda weird when someone knows you but you don't know them. And we keep playing pulling more pieces, and when the Jenga gets all shakey you have to concentrate and tense up when you pull a piece, the physicality makes you tense. It’s cool.

So we keep playing, and my friend is outside smoking, so its just me and these two dudes that I don’t know but they know me, and I’m pulling jenga pieces and getting scared, and then I’m like where Marty at? At then they’re like "what time is it, is it midnight yet?" And I’m so scared from horror game make believe and pulling Jenga pieces and I’m kinda high from popping some percocets and smoking weed, (but I was just as high playing Call of Cthulhu, and I wasn't as scared), I’m like shit are these guys gonna kill me at midnight? Where Marty, why they keep asking if it midnight? Then I get my shit together and I’m like oh right, this session ends at midnight.

They didn't kill me but it was the scaredest I been playing games for sure.