Crapland. 2 : Troika! Supplement
Crapland. 2 : Troika! Supplement
Crapland. 2 : Troika! Supplement
Crapland. 2 : Troika! Supplement

Crapland. 2 : Troika! Supplement

Orbital Intelligence

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Surrealism and Suburban Absurdism channeled through an RPG for Troika! New Backgrounds, New Spells, New Bestiary Entries!

“It’s based on the absurd premise that you’ve slipped in a convenience store and now you are cursed to wake as a convenience store at some crappy interval. Cool, right? Terrible, right? Doesn’t make any sense? Perfect.”- Crapland 2, The Author

What’s New in Issue #2?

(Yes I’m about to enumerate the table of contents)

  • D33 things you find in a crap-mart parking lot (self-explanatory)
  • D6 things happening outside a we’re-mart (self-explanatory)
  • Rules for we’re-mart creation. Finding out how and when you slipped and what kind of store you become. Including a demonic true name generator for stores.
  • D6 new convenience store character backgrounds: each one a different type of store, ranging from Butcher Shop to Print Shops and Delis.
  • D3 new non-convenience store backgrounds (you know like Craptor 76, Delivery Drivers, and Customers)
  • D6 new customers that frequent the stores. Like the guy who loves potato chips, Clarice IV the Craptor Queen, and Clarice with the Green Hair.
  • 3d3 department stores ready to wreak havoc on the local populace. Pastries, Linens, Chainsaws… the usual.
  • A department store turned demonic giant with over 18 hardpoints (see Ternwillow) / departments built in. Concert Stages, Coffee Stands, Gold Buyers, Drone Salesmen.. You know a normal mall.. I mean department store
  • D33 pieces of equipment not previously appearing in crapland. Including Sticks, Tickets for Crapet Airlines, and an Intercooler for Your Mom’s Ex-BF’s Car
  • A strange beast made of segments of televisions (not going into it)
  • D3 shows on tv and HOW they affect you (like the C.R.A.P. that show that everyone tunes into)
  • D33 actors that show up in films and tv (like the Action Hero who’s turned to comedy, or that person that looks like another actor)
  • D33 extras that appear in these films (they mostly just stare at the screen)
  • D33 commercials that bombard you with the EFFECTS of subliminal messaging.
  • D33 cartridge spells that really are just games that you have to master before casting.
  • D666 miens (216 entries) look sometimes you just want to roll 3 dice to find out how someone is feeling
  • D33 equipment for adventures things like game consoles, cartridges, craptor jackets, or maybe just a bucket of fish.
  • D6 new adventures + endings just go on them.
  • D6 encounters in a crap-mart (what will you run into)
  • D6 encounters after leaving a we’re-mart (oh… what’s going on NOW!!?!?!)
  • A very loose admittance that 2 gods live in the craplands


  • Writing: Sean Richer
  • Editing: Jarrett Crader (MRC)
  • ART: Anxiety Wizard + Sean Richer
  • Cover: Andrew Walter
  • Layout and Design: Anxiety Wizard

68 Pages, A4, Perfect Bound Book, Color.