Macabre Vol. 1 DCC Horror Zine

Macabre Vol. 1 DCC Horror Zine

Primitive Screwhead Productions

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New Injury rules, Deathstalker class, tarot card stuff, adventure seed table, enter a bar Reaction Table, randomized lycanthrope tables, killer first issue.

DCC’s first zine dedicated to b-movie-inspired horror and mayhem. 

Greetings Boils and Ghouls!

Macabre Volume I is 42 pages of horror inspired by Troma, Full Moon Pictures, Roger Corman, Hammer Horror, and more. Inside, you will find new optional rules, a class inspired by an 8-bit NES vampire killer, the world’s most comprehensive random werewolf generator, and details about a new horrific setting, Nekrovania. There are also tips for running a horror-themed game within the confines of DCC, new monsters, and a drink recipe to calm your nerves. 

If you’ve ever wanted to inject your DCC fantasy world with killer klowns from outer space, cyber nosferatu, or undead she-wolves then look no further. Nekrovania can be adapted to whatever genre of horror inspires you. Gothic horror, 80s slasher flicks, or even grand Guignol theatrics all work in this new setting. Volume I features an Evil Dead inspired world called Walpurgis Nachternia.  

Prepare yourself for a world of nightmares and fear. Macabre has risen from its grave and Dungeon Crawl Classics will never be the same!

*A tarot deck is required for both the Judge and players*

Published by: Primitive Screwhead Productions

Written by: Wolf Manzella
Art by: Bradley McDevitt, Carmin Vance, Walter Egan, Diogo Nogueira, and Scott Wygmans