Ectotectonics: Slipgate Chokepoint Adventure

Ectotectonics: Slipgate Chokepoint Adventure

Forgotten Oubliette of Forgetfulness

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Demons, frags, blood bags.

Note: This adventure is intended for use with Slipgate Chokepoint and Stay Frosty. You'll need to reference them both to make best use of this book. Stay Frosty is a hack of the Black Hack, we have have a couple print copies somewhere, I will get them added when I find them.

Ectotectonics is a 64 page, fully illustrated module for Slipgate Chokepoint, the 1990s first-person shooter hack of the Stay Frosty RPG.

The Rangers must journey through the slipgate to discover why waves of virulent ectoplasm have engulfed a friendly world-base in another dimension - what caused it, who betrayed the facility, and what the base now incubates...

The book contains:

• A full adventure for 3 to 4 Rangers averaging 3rd level!

• 11 hand-drawn arena maps!

• 11 new enemies!

• A top secret experimental and unethical weapon!

• All the ectoplasm you can shake your cestus at!

And a veritable gutload more...