Dolmenwood: Winter's Daughter

Dolmenwood: Winter's Daughter

Necrotic Gnome

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My first introduction to Necrotic Gnome was through Wormskin, the zine that detailed Dolmenwood. Anxy P posted about this thing they did art for that had a psychedelic compound table and I was like, shit I better get that. 

24-page hardcover; A5 (Digest) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; cream-tinted paper; endpapers printed with maps and area summaries

Author: Gavin Norman, Cover artist: Mish Scott

Old-School Essentials Dolmenwood Adventure

The tomb of an ancient hero, lost in the tangled depths of the woods. A ring of standing stones, guarded by the sinister Drune cult. A fairy princess who watches with ageless patience from beyond the veil of the mortal. A forgotten treasure that holds the key to her heart.

A romantic fairy tale dungeon adventure for characters of 1st to 2nd level.

  • Encompasses woodland, tomb, and fairy otherworld—all in one handy package!
  • Keyed in a quick-reference, bullet point format.