Acid Death Fantasy
Acid Death Fantasy

Acid Death Fantasy

Melsonian Arts Council

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I read a thing dissing this like "there's nothing to this." When I looked through it I was like Holy Shit, I need to run this. Like there isn't a part that says, OK have the characters do this, but it's just like all good shit. Well I guess there is a list of Stuff to Do. 

I've neer been on acid in the desert. In woods and mountains and scrublands (whatever central Texas is) and water holes and cities. But like maybe I don't need to I can just play Acid Death Fantasy.

Dosed Prophet, killer. 

Like you could buy the new Dune RPG, and like you totally should buy it from me once I make the store page for that, but like until I get around to that, I got the fancy cover and regular, you could buy this and it probably be better, but you want the big fancy book don't you? Which is totally cool. Buy both of them. Buy that Doom Snake Cult Record too. Like that is desert acid music. 

What happened is forgotten

Take your Troika! games to a new world of anarchic Sultans, beautiful plastic men, azure apes, steel gods and acid death.

The second official Troika! chapbook. 45 pages, 36 new backgrounds and 36 new enemies come together to create a new and acid-stained world for you to explore.

Written by Luke Gearing (Fever Swamp) and illustrated by David Hoskins.

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 Book Details

  • Written by Luke Gearing 
  • illustrated by David Hoskins
  • PDF: 45 pages