Hostile: A Gritty Sci-Fi RPG

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​​HOSTILE is a gritty, near future roleplaying setting for the 2D6 Cepheus Engine rules.  The future is not as optimistic and rosy as many SF writers would have us believe. Space exploration is difficult, hard and dangerous and the thriving interstellar society made up of hundreds of populated planets never materialised. Instead space is the preserve of the big corporations that focus on extracting minerals, oil and other raw materials from the extra-solar planets and moons to be shipped back to Earth in order to support the vast populations there. 

​Inspired by movies like Outland and Alien, this gritty, near future setting presents a universe of mining installations, harsh moons, industrial facilities, hostile planets and brutal, utilitarian spacecraft. Games feature down-to-earth characters, such as spacers, miners, explorers and rover drivers – the folks who get things done out here in the lonely and hostile star systems of the American Sector. None of the habitable worlds are a paradise and most aren’t remotely Earth-like; there is always a kink that makes life tough, whether it’s the biosphere, the seasons, the radiation, the atmosphere or one of a score of other deadly effects.