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Gabba Gabba Hey 

Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us
Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us

You are no hero…

You are a carnie indentured to the mysterious being known as The Madame. In exchange for wondrous powers and “a more perfect self,” The Madame calls upon you to procure ancient artifacts as you crisscross the dusty and dangerous remains of a once robust and proud land.

Cannibal hobos, shadowy cults, and uncouth hecklers will do everything in their power to prevent your caravan from carrying out its mission.

Grab your barbells and bullwhips and hop on the trail to adventure. We accept you, we accept you! One of us!

Influenced by shows like Carnivale and literature in the vein of Something Wicked This Way Comes, One of Us will put the players into the roles of traveling circus performers in the service of The Madame — a shadowy and cryptic patron who directs the PCs to find and return artifacts of the old world. One of Us will feature new character classes, profession tables, and quick performance rules for when the characters are trying to win over a crowd. A short adventure set in the world after the Big Mistake will get your new campaign rolling. Additionally monsters and a new patron, The Madame

36 Pages 8.5 x 5.5 inch digest staple bound