Reckoning of the Gods / Into the Shadow Realm Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventures

Reckoning of the Gods / Into the Shadow Realm Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventures

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Two Level 3 Adventure for DCC RPG

What fool would dare cheat the gods? Such a thought alone is one worthy of a foul reckoning. But the rewards are too tempting for the Great Moxicotl, who has reached for the heavens and grasped lore tempered with madness! Now justice is in the hands of your group of devotees. Careful, lest the same temptations lure you into the realm of shadows or hidden secrets of the gods cause your fate to cross paths with the ancient Wurm!

This (32 page) booklet contains two adventures. Each is set up in distinct environments--but they are connected and can be run sequentially. (NOTE: This download is in 2 parts, 1 has the handouts, maps and tearsheets seperated, the other is the full adventure uncluding...)

Adventure # 1: Reckoning of the Gods takes place in the bizarre dimensional manse of a crazed arch-wizard whose power is threatening to unveil a secret of the gods.

Adventure # 2: Into the Shadow Realm takes place in an ancient lair of the most powerful entity of the known realms: the Great Ancient Dragon, Woetalon. This portion features a parallel overlapping reality which players will have to cross in and out of in order to survive the lair.

Appendix contains a new spell: Shadow Reach and Step, as well as the Dragon Servitude Survival table.
This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

Written and Illustrated by C Aaron Kreader