Old-School Essentials: Classic Fantasy Rules Tome

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Is your favorite part of 80s D&D reading Sage Advice columns to figure out how it's supposed to go? If it is skip this. These rules are presented in an understandable manner. Does this accessibility destroy part of the initiatory aspect of roleplaying games? It's already gone, enjoy the clarity. 

Will people in 50 years say: Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, Norman? They better.

This is the exact clone of Moldvay/Cook, aka B/X.

296 page hardcover; A5 (Digest) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; 2 ribbon markers; 40 pages of colour art plates; endpapers printed with tables and rules summaries

Author: Gavin Norman, Cover artist: Stefan Poag

The Classic Fantasy Rules Tome is a complete game with the following content:

Core rules: Rules for character creation and advancement, adventuring in dungeons, the wilderness, and at sea, magic and combat.

Character options: Seven classic classes (cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, thief), complete lists of weapons and adventuring gear, extensive lists of vehicles, mounts, and vessels, mercenaries and specialists for hire, rules for stronghold construction.

Spells: The complete set of 34 cleric spells (from 1st to 5th level) and 72 magic-user spells (from 1st to 6th level), for use by players of cleric, elf, and magic-user characters.

Monsters: A selection of over 200 classic monsters to challenge adventurers of all levels.

Treasures: A hoard of over 150 wondrous magic items.

The material in this book forms a complete clone of the classic Basic/Expert game, including all rules, classes, spells, monsters, and magic items.