.brawl Skirmish Game

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.brawl is a cyberspace arena battle game for 1 Admin and 3-5 players, intended to be played in one session. Players compete against the System Administrator by building custom combat avatars, called Graphs, that face off against the best fighters on the net. Players can equip and change their loadouts frequently, encouraging changes in tactics, the discovery of combos and generally just doing cool shit. It is a little battle bots, a little bit hunger games,  and a little bit e-sport.

.Brawl is also a skirmish game, meaning it is played on a map (of hexes, cause they feel digital) with some kind of markers, miniatures or tokens. It's still rules lite, and  based on the LUMEN system by Gila RPGs, so even though there is map and miniatures, it's not heavily tactical or overly complicated. It has rules support to generate everything the Admin might need to craft a fight, and is intentionally designed to be picked up and set up in no time. Grab a handful of mins, a map and FIGHT.