The New Weird Surprise Me at Checkout

So I think this may be a really cool thing or  something no one gives a shit about. We'll see. I added a thing in checkout in the built-in tipping functionality for a "surprise me" amount. We've got lots of little one off things that are cool, but like making a product for one Larry Elmore 8"x6" oversized trading card that's $5 doesn't make sense. But it's cool, and I think people would like it. So if you want this, be the first person to add $5.


Or like 50¢ for these weird cards from a forgotten boardgame that could be cool to use in an RPG or even more so for solo RPG play?

Or like $4 for a pack of TMNT Trading cards, or like Dinosaurs Attack or whatever?

Feel free to email me what you'd like or use the special instructions in the shopping cart to be like I want something cool, NOT Ninja cards, or whatever.

I think this is also a good way to sell like the Purple Planet I got on the secondary market. Like I don't want to just throw it uip on eBay, I'd like a store diehard to get it. So the first person to ask to be surprised for $100 will get that sealed Purple Planet Boxed set.

I think these blog posts can get comments, like I feel like I deleted spam links before. Is this cool or a bad idea, let me know.

I almost forgot, weird Simpsons pawns...

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