Dunsany 2: After the Fire Comic by Weird Realms & Time Piece Press

Dunsany 2: After the Fire is our second comic adapting Lord Dunsany tales, this from 51 Tales.

 The comic is Risograph printed by Empress Editions who did an amazing job and really made the color pop.

The story is a lyrical tale about what there is when there is no more, what comes after and what is remembered.

A creature staring at the remains

We also have some T-shirts that accompany the comic, I was all about Space Mammoths until I saw them in person, and the incredible job Lotus Printing did made the cover design look so awesome that is my new favorite:

Here's me in the Cover shirt, my toddler's favorite large brim beach hat not included:

Stunningly beautiful middle aged person wearing after the fire t-shirt.

We also did a shirt riffing on the first issue of Dunsany, Charon. Here we have the Boatman of the River Styx crying and smiling for the first time, just like if you spend all your money here. You will only be smiling if you just spend some of your money here, which I recommend.



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