Changes to Weird Realms

These are some weird times. Weird Realms has been figuring out the best way to adjust to them. It seems as if normalcy and regular in store play are still quite a way off. In an effort to do what makes the most sense Weird Realms will be closing up the location at 11508 Lorain. Our final day of regular hours will be Sunday August 2nd. Throughout August we’ll operate on an appointment basis, and following that we will be doing mail order and local delivery like we were during the shut down.

Even before the pandemic hit, there were some issues with our space, and my intent was to find a new space when our lease expires in August. COVID put a wrench in those plans, during the time I expected to be checking out new spots everything was shut down. Additionally I found out my family will be getting a new member in October. One of the bonuses of shutdown was that I was around to see my first baby’s first steps, each wobbly start and stumble. So while we could remain open stumbling forward, this experience helped me recognize that while I still have a few decades of operating a game store that I think has fulfilled a very important role in our community, I only have a short amount of time to be a focused parent to infants.

Next year once things begin to return to normal, and when we have a sense of what the new normal will be, we will be reopening in the same general area. Until then we will still be getting new stuff and operating much like we had been, only that purchases need to be ordered from our website or arranged through direct communication. Our phone number will remain the same and continue to be active, our social media accounts will likely be even more active, and you can always hit up Mike for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic and all the trading card game stuff, or hit me up and we will be happy to take care of you. If you have gift certificates or store credit, it is still good and redeemable, and we will still place any special orders as we would have before.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Our plan is to do some special events around town once it is again responsible to do so. So stay tuned.

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