Weird Realms: Cleveland's Nerd Store

Weird Realms carries a wide range of games comics and collectibles. Our specialty is cult and small press stuff, but enjoy and peddle many types of play. Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Dungeon World and Dungeon Crawl Classics share space with D&D books from the 80s and Wizards of the Coast's newest offerings. While our OSR offerings are extensive, our indie story games shelf is nothing to sneeze at. We also dig the fast furious fun of Savage Worlds

On the comics tip, we try to fill in the gaps that the other great local shops leave. While we don't have all of the new DC and Marvel comics, we do stock everything Black Mask releases and crazy psychedelic sci-fi books from the 70s. We also have a solid selection of Image and Dark Horse trades. Our zines and small press selection is pretty dope too.

Come down to the shop to play one of our many board games available for demos on demand, and to see our stock that is not yet on the website. Our Trading Card Game stock is viewable at

Weird Realms

11508 Lorain Ave

Phone: 216-694-8525

Sunday: Noon - 8 pm

Monday: 1 pm - 8 pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday:3 pm - 8 pm

Thursday: 1 pm - 8 pm

Friday: 1 pm - 8 pm

Saturday: Noon - 8 pm 

We stay open later for games & events.

Also available by appointment outside regular hours.

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